Who are we?

Two high schools are involved in this Erasmus+ project, one from the Basque Country and the other from Greece.


I.E.S Elexalde is a high school situated in Galdakao in the Basque Country.The school gives courses to 484 students from 11 years old to 18 years old. The number of school staff is 61 teachers.

The school motivation to participate in a project like this is that we consider it very helpful in different aspects; to open our students to a new culture, the Greek one, as well as to promote their European identity and understand the culture diversity and to improve their level of English and ICTs. At the same time, it is a way of approaching our school to a multilingualism which we still don’t offer.

The key people in running the project will be  all the teachers from the different subjects who will be working with students the fields dealt in the project, ( Science, History, Basque, PH, ICT,Music and Art), the English department and the school leadership.

The school takes part in some projects “ Sare hezkuntza” ( the integration of ICTS in the learning process), “Normalkuntza”( to encourage students to use their language, learn their culture and transmit it) and “Agenda 21” (strategic plan for the enviromental sustainability) . So the school staff has some experience in the use of ICTs , transmitting the Basque culture and in looking after the envirotment , which is also part of our natural heritage.


Katerini school is a comprenhensive JuniorHigh School ( ages 12-15). There are 35 teachers and 345 students at school.The subjects taught include: History, Language( Modern and Ancient Greek) , Literature, Foreign Languages ( English, French, German and Italian) , PE, Biology, Geography, RE, Science, Mathematics, Home Economics and ICT.

Our motivation is to help our students become aware of the fact that Europe is our common home by getting to know another neighour's culture and discover the common elements that compose and connect the two cultures, as well as the differences  that exist between us and learn how to bridge them.

Furthermore, to experience communicating and staying for a short time with Spanish students , which is a fact that will help our students exchange ideas , thoughts and feelings in a process of developing humanitarian feelings, solidarity and enhance the level of their empathy.

The teachers in charge are the teachers of English and the pedagogical team who will consist of the teachers of Art, Music, Literature, History , Civic Education, Biology and the rest will also contribute to the project development.


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