Altamira tour by Agustin History teacher as an approach to Galdakao historical heritage

This activity was planned to be done at the beginning of the school year 2019-20 but it was postponed for May . The idea was to carry out the activity when Greek students visit us in the short term exchange in May 2020.
Due to COVID 19, we couldn´t do it and we have done it this school year2020-21
The students of 4 DBH have taken part in it and the History teacher Agustin has showed them the history behind our town Galdakao.
The activity is related to our historical heritage . The itinerary started with a visit to Andra Mari church  The itinerary can be followed on the following video and the digital magazine.
After it , the students of 4 DBH wil prepare virtual tours about it. 

Virtual tours created by students