C4 Students exchange in Katerini, Greece (Farewell)

Saturday 14th March 2020

At 3:30 am on Saturday we had to say farewell to our Basque friends. The Basque delegation had to leave one day earlier than originally planned (on the 14th March instead of the 15th) because of the gravity of the situation in their country due to the Coronavirus, thus the farewell party planned for Saturday the 14th was cancelled. However, we made a promise that we will see each other again soon. 

Note: In a nutshell, in this mobility we took all the necessary precautions so as to keep the children away from crowded places, as safe as possible, giving them instructions and advice on how to protect themselves. We also advised the host families to follow sanitary rules at home and keep an eye on what is happening around as well as keep us updated all the time.

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