C4 Students exchange in Katerini, Greece (Day 3)

Wednesday 11th March 2020

On Wednesday morning we visited Aigai, the first city of Macedon and the first capital of the Macedon Kingdom. In the archeological site of Aigai we entered the royal burial cluster, where we admired the tombs of Philip II (father of Alexander the Great), of Alexander IV (son of Alexander the Great) and finally of Meda (Philip's Thracian wife). 
Outside the royal burial cluster

The tomb of Philip II

The gold wreaths of the Macedon kings

The abduction of Persephone by the God of the Underworld
After Vegrina and the archeological site of Aigai we moved on to Thessaloniki. 
Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and is proud to host several declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. So we visited some of them. 
We first visited the Rotonda, one of the most important and imposing monuments of Thessaloniki with its architectural strength and its beautiful wall mosaics.
The Rotonda from the outside

Then we walked down Navarinou St., where we saw the Galerious Arch and the Galerian Complex.
The Galerious Arch

Finally we reached the White Tower, the emblem of Thessaloniki, which dominates the port area and was part of the city's fortification. We climbed to the top of the Tower and enjoyed the view of the city's port and waterfront.

Before we took our way back to Katerini we stopped at the upper part of the city near the fortification, the castles, to enjoy the view and take some photos.

Note: As a safety precaution against the Coronavirus spread, we cancelled the visit to the archaeological museum in Thessaloniki so as to avoid contact with tourists in a closed-in place. We just visited all the open-air places of the programme as the Galerius Arch, the castle etc. 

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