C4 Students exchange in Katerini, Greece (Day 2)

 Tuesday 10th March 2020

The second day of the exchange began with a radio interview. Ms. Persidou from the Greek team and Ms. Gutiérrez from the Basque one together with two Basque students (Maria and Ane) and two Greek ones (Victoria and Dimitra) presented our project giving information about it and sharing their experience. They talked about Erasmus programmes, how the two partners started this collaboration, what gains they had from it, how such programmes help European citizenship and many more.

Straight after the interview we went to school where we took a lesson on Homer's Iliad by Mr. Kyrailidis and Ms. Goula. We were shown a very comprehensive video about facts and trivia concerning the Iliad (Homer's second most widely known poem) and then we concetrated on a very specific excerpt from it, the one where Homer describes and narrates at the same time the shield made by Hephaestus for Achilles.
Two students read the excerpt in both Greek and Spanish. The Greek student Chrysafis read the Spanish text, whereas the Basque student Mitxel read the Greek text. 
Mitxel reading the Greek text and Chrysafis the Spanish one.

After the theoretical part of the lesson the students were given directions to create in groups replicas of the shield of Achilles for the Basque students to take with them back home.

Working on the their schileds of Achilles

The cards with the shiled for the Basque students to take with them
Altogether with the shields

In the afternoon, right after school, we all went for a walk in the seaside village of Paralia where we enjoyed the sun and quiet of the season.
The whole team in Paralia
The curch in Paralia

Note: We weren’t able to do the treasure hunt as we needed the school yard and this would bring the Erasmus team into contact with the other students. 

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