C4 Students exchange in Katerini, Greece (Day 1)

Monday 10th March

On the first day of our short-term exchange of pupils the Greek Erasmus team (both the students and the pedagogical team) gave -despite the cold day- a warm welcome to the Basque students and their teachers.
The headmaster of the 3rd Junior High School of Katerini, Mr. Konstantinou welcomed the Basque delegation and thanked them for their help and contribution to the project. 
Then the Basque coordinator, Ms. Gemma Gutiérrez Peñafiel, made a brief review of the project up to this point and thanked all the members for the work and effort they have put in it so far. 
After presents were exchanged between the Basque and the Greek delegations, we started with the activities of the day.
Mr. Konstantinou receiving his T-shirt

At the beginning of the event the Basque students together with their Greek hosts danced three of the dances practiced and learnt during the first year of the project. They danced with live music the Basque dance Zazpi jauzi, and then the Greek dances Hasapiko and Omal.
Students of the school played traditional Pontian music

After the dances we needed to catch our breath, so we sat down and enjoyed virtual tour around the area. We watched videos presenting first our school, then our town, Katerini, our mountain Olympus, the region of Pieria, the nearby city of Thessaloniki and finally the sights and attractions of Central Macedonia. Most of these locations will be visited during the stay of the Basques in Katerini. Two students, a Basque together with a Greek one, read a very moving text about the development of the project written in Greek.
The very interesting videos we saw
Eleni and Isaro reading in Greek
After that we took a break to enjoy the delicacies prepared by the Greek students and their parents. 
Then we played a lot of amusing ice breaking games, so that we could meet and feel comfortable with each other, as it was only the very first day of the exchange. We played a ball game to help us remember each other's names, and other games to help us build trust and comfort among us. We had a really great time!

We ended the first day of our week with some drawing. We all drew in a very big poster our thoughts, feelings about the project and many more. 
The Erasmus collaborative drawing

Our poster is almost finished
There is only one more stop left in this journey
In the afternoon a small delegation of both teams appeared on a TV show in Dion TV Channel, that broadcasts in Northern Greece, to give an interview about the project "Discover and Share your Identity Mark". The Greek team had appeared in the same show last year, when we were asked to come again when our Basque partners would be here. Ms. Persidou and Ms. Gutiérrez together with the Greek and Basque students made a very good public impression taking about the project and their feelings about it. 

Note: Today's programme was modified to adjust to the measures against the Coronavirus spread as follows: The welcome ceremony at the Greek school was done by the students of the Greek Erasmus team and some teachers of the pedagogical team only in a classroom, isolated from the rest of the students and after that the students started the activities. We took good care so that they wouldn’t come into contact neither with the students nor with the teachers of the school for the safety of all. There were antibacterial tissues as well as antiseptic liquid for their hands everywhere. The students used separate toilets which were thoroughly sanitized.  

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