Maritime Heritage in Pieria, Greece (the salt marshes in Kitros)

3rd Junior High School of Katerini
September-October 2019

In the unit of maritime heritage the Greek Erasmus team chose to visit and present to our Basque partners the salt marshes in Kitros. We visited the salt production unit in the area and were informed about the way the salt marsh works. The area, called Alikes, consists of many saltpans out of which salt is extracted. The salt is being washed and then put on pyramids. That is the only processing it undergoes.
We also saw the lagoon next to the salt marshes. The area is also a wetland of international significance, with a large number of protected species (like the Mediterranean Gull and Greater Flamingo) using the site for breeding, feeding and resting. We were lucky enough to see the flamingos on the day of our visit. We also saw sea daffodils on the beach or else known as Pancratium Maritimum which is a protected plant species.
On the same day we visited the archeological site of Ancient Pydna.
Here is a video from our visit.

Watch the following videos to find out more information on the salt marsh of Kitros and the Greek salt marshes in general.

The Greek song of the project

The Greek Erasmus team together with their music teacher wrote the lyrics to the following song using the music of the traditional Basque song "Txoria txori" (i.e. A bird is a bird). We dedicate it to our Basque friends and we look forward to meeting them in flesh.