Welcome to P13 activity Basque mythology

15th April 2019

We have finished the activity P11-12 Greek/ Basque cuisine and we welcome P13-14 Greek/ Basque mythology

P 13 Basque mythology
A preview where the Basque mythological creatures are intoduced. They will be part of the characters who will be the protagonists of Elexalde students´ digital stories

Elexalde students practicing the Greek game " mila"

April 15th 2019

Elexalde sudents have practised the game "mila" which was taught by the Greek students. They have played it in the Physical education class and they had a very good time .

Katerini-Elexalde videoconference-twining to strenghen links

On Friday 12th April 2019 , Katerini and Elexalde students are having videoconferences. THey are getting each other and they talk about the project. The activities they have like the best, their feelings about it, their hobbies and they have also exchanged Instagrams aas a way to keep contact.
The activity has been very satisfactory and a way to strenghen links between both schools.

Elexalde BHI with the korrika

Korrika (Basque for running) is an exhibition race which takes place every two years in the Basque Country in order to raise funds for the adult Basque-language teaching organization AEK. It is one of the largest demonstrations gathering support for a language in the world,covering a distance of 2.557 kilometres. People run day and night without interruption for 11 days. The Korrika' s goal is to encourage, support and spread the Basque language .
This year is its 21st edition and the korrika has begun on April 4th in Gares ( Nafarroa) and will end on April 14th in Gasteiz ( Araba)  with a closing party, where the baton’s message will be read out. Its motto is klika ( click) as taking the decition to learn and speak Basque.

Today, Wednesday April 10th, it has arrived in our town Galdakao around 12:57. The students and teachers of Elexalde school have welcome it and have run their km ( 1448) from Ardanza park to the old firemen´s house. Two students of our school have carried the baton adorned with the ikurrina ( Basque flag) at Ardanza park and at the roundabout have passed it to another student from Andra Mari School.

It has been a big festivity 

Elexalde students have prepared a song for Katerini students

Elexalde students have prepared a song for Katerini students.

Here you can see the preparation of it and the final result.

Enjoy it!!

Visiting Bilbao like tourists (video)

In spite of the bad weather, the 3rd of April we visited Bilbao to get information, photos and videos to prepare a presentation of some typical places and buildings of the city and their history.

Enjoy this summary. https://youtu.be/8mVW8FhOVUI