Traditional Greek games!


This week we started practising the traditional Greek sports and games we will present to our Spanish partners. We had loads of fun playing three traditional greek playground games: "Mila", "Tzami" and "Mantili". We remembered those games played by kids in the streets and yards many many years ago and we realised how fun they can still be. You can see how much we enjoyed this activity in the photos that follow.

The Greek students and their expectations

The Greek students wrote down the expectation they have from the project. 

The city of Katerini and the 3rd Junior High School

Would you like us to show you around our city? The following video shows snapshots from places of interest in the city of Katerini, as well as photos from our school, the 3rd Junior High School of Katerini. 

Or would you like to see our school from a bird's eye view?

The presentation of the Greek students

The presentation of the Greek team is now ready. Meet us in the following videos: