Fifth day short-term joint staff training event

Our last day of training. We are sad we have to leave Katerini school and say goodbye to our hosts, all the school teachers who have warmly welcomed us. The headmaster has thanked us for all and we have also thanked him for his good reception.

We have organised the logo competition and decided the logo which will represent both schools. The logo which has been chosen has been Elexalde logo.

Then in the afternoon a quick visit to Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia region where Alejandro the Great and the great teacher Aristóteles wandered along their streets.

Our students will love it when they visit it, full of culture and visited by different villages.

We will say see you later to Katerini and Greece because our next visit will be next year when we  visit it with our students.

Fourth day short-term joint staff training event

Back down to work. We have gathered to finish with the eTwinning training related to the invitation of students in the platform and we have been trained in the use of flipped classroom methodology.

We have agreed the flipped classroom could be used by students to look at the videos produced by both schools at home or other kind if material.

In the last part of the training, we have looked at all the activities in detail and how to organise them and we have agreed the school which will be in charged of each one.

We have also looked through the schedule of the project, considering the chance of re-plan again if necessary.