Third day in short term joint staff training

Today we have been trained in eTwinning platform by Maria Dampratzidou. It has been very interesting and useful and we will explain the other members of the project how to use it when we go back to School.

We have also learns the use of some W2.0 tools to elaborate activities to be included in the project.
Finally, we have played a visit to the headquarters of the Secondary Education Board of Katerini and talked with the head of the Board Minister Kaztaridis.

Second day of short term joint staff training in Katerini

Tuesday 16th October (Local festivity) Due to the local festivity the two teachers from Elexalde and Katerini pedagogical team have visited some cultural sights as well as tasted some typical Greek food and participated in Greek dances as part of the project. These activities are included in the project and we consider them an important and necessary way to know the Greek heritage, so that it could be disseminated in Elexalde High School.