Fw: 5th Panhellenic E-twinning Conference in Ioannina Greece

       Members of the Greek pedagogical team attended the 5th Panhellenic E-twinning Conference, held in Ioannina city on 23-25 November 2018. 
       The Conference opened with the enlightening talks of two representatives of the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY), which is the National Agency for Erasmus+ projects. 
       We attended many interesting E-twinning projects and got inspired from them. It has been a very fruitful weekend that gave us ideas that will help us in the progress of our project.  

Our project in the media

Our project appears in the mediasome local newspapers and radios are interested in it. This is only the beginning, because next Tuesday we will be interviewed in “Bizkaia Irratia” at 12:05 after the news. Don’t miss it!

Traditional Greek games!


This week we started practising the traditional Greek sports and games we will present to our Spanish partners. We had loads of fun playing three traditional greek playground games: "Mila", "Tzami" and "Mantili". We remembered those games played by kids in the streets and yards many many years ago and we realised how fun they can still be. You can see how much we enjoyed this activity in the photos that follow.

The Greek students and their expectations

The Greek students wrote down the expectation they have from the project. 

The city of Katerini and the 3rd Junior High School

Would you like us to show you around our city? The following video shows snapshots from places of interest in the city of Katerini, as well as photos from our school, the 3rd Junior High School of Katerini. 

Or would you like to see our school from a bird's eye view?

The presentation of the Greek students

The presentation of the Greek team is now ready. Meet us in the following videos:


Our students are enthusiastic about taking part in the project.
They expect to improve their English, meet new friends, get to know a new culture and discover their own one. And
of course! have fun.!!!!



We have prepared the presentation of our project for Galdakao town hall.
The presentation has been an approach to the project. We have started describing the project, the objectives, the contents, development and the different mobilities of it.
A complete description of it can be read in the eTwinning platform in the section journal diary.
We have also added the comments of both students from Katerini School (Greece) and Elexalde school. Here you can read what they have said:

The main reason why I have joined this programme is because I find it very intriguing as well as a great way not only to meet new people , cultures and countries but also to make me understand how special my country is and why I should respect it"
Chrysa  14 years old Katerini School ( Greece  )

"I am very happy about participating in this project. I hope it will be a new and interesting experience and I am willing to live adventures and improve my English.
I am also looking forward to making new friends and learning about a new culture, the Greek one"
Mai 14 years old I.E.S Elexalde School (Basque Country)

We expect we could have a great impact of dissemination in press so that our project could be followed by the largest possible number of people, here in our village and outside it.