Fifth day short-term joint staff training event

Our last day of training. We are sad we have to leave Katerini school and say goodbye to our hosts, all the school teachers who have warmly welcomed us. The headmaster has thanked us for all and we have also thanked him for his good reception.

We have organised the logo competition and decided the logo which will represent both schools. The logo which has been chosen has been Elexalde logo.

Then in the afternoon a quick visit to Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia region where Alejandro the Great and the great teacher Aristóteles wandered along their streets.

Our students will love it when they visit it, full of culture and visited by different villages.

We will say see you later to Katerini and Greece because our next visit will be next year when we  visit it with our students.

Fourth day short-term joint staff training event

Back down to work. We have gathered to finish with the eTwinning training related to the invitation of students in the platform and we have been trained in the use of flipped classroom methodology.

We have agreed the flipped classroom could be used by students to look at the videos produced by both schools at home or other kind if material.

In the last part of the training, we have looked at all the activities in detail and how to organise them and we have agreed the school which will be in charged of each one.

We have also looked through the schedule of the project, considering the chance of re-plan again if necessary.

Third day in short term joint staff training

Today we have been trained in eTwinning platform by Maria Dampratzidou. It has been very interesting and useful and we will explain the other members of the project how to use it when we go back to School.

We have also learns the use of some W2.0 tools to elaborate activities to be included in the project.
Finally, we have played a visit to the headquarters of the Secondary Education Board of Katerini and talked with the head of the Board Minister Kaztaridis.

Second day of short term joint staff training in Katerini

Tuesday 16th October (Local festivity) Due to the local festivity the two teachers from Elexalde and Katerini pedagogical team have visited some cultural sights as well as tasted some typical Greek food and participated in Greek dances as part of the project. These activities are included in the project and we consider them an important and necessary way to know the Greek heritage, so that it could be disseminated in Elexalde High School.

First short term joint staff training event

Monday, 15th October. 9.00 We arrive at Katerini School and we are welcomed by the headmaster and Katerini School staff.

10.00 Ready for work!! We start our meeting with a presentasion by Maria Dabra,the coordinator of the Greek school, on the town Katerini and its most representative parts.She also explains us the Greek educational system. Then we discuss  the details of the project management. We agree the consent report, talk about the documents needed  up to now and where we are going to keep all those documents.

We also see the schools' websites, the Blog we are going to share, twinspace and the instagram account as a way of dissemination of the project.

But as it is said "work and not play makes a Jack a dull Boy" so we stop for a break and we are delighted by some traditional Greek songs and dances performed by a group of students.

Going back to work, in the last part of the day, we talk about the short School curricular Elexalde BHI has and how the teachers from other subjects will participate in the project.

Presentation Video

Here you can watch a presentation of some students from the Elexalde High School in Galdakao. We hope you enjoy it! 

Here more presentations of the students of the other classes of DBH 

First short-term joint staff training in Katerini

The first short -term joint staff event was going to take place in September.
Katerini Secondary School and Elexalde High School decided to postpone it for October, because we agreed we needed more time to organise the training and we had already had the first contact with the project.We decided to carry out in October. 

At the end, this meeting will take place from October 14th to October 20th. 
The objective of this training is that as we both schools are newcomers, learning how eTwinning works is essential because it is a supporting tool to communicate and disseminate the project.
At the same time students, parents and School staff will be trained to know it and use it.
On the other hand, we will also train in the use of flipped classroom methodology to develop the project.

Didactic units and School curricula will also be discussed and design a model to follow.
All the documents related to project management will be assented.
Getting to know the Greek School, School staff, and students who participate in it will be in our agenda.

We are getting ready to travel!!!!

Sepie training days

The National Agency organised some training days in September 24th-25th to explain all the teachers whose K229 projects were selected the management of this project. All the essential information about the management of the project was given.

As our School is newcomer, it has been very useful to make contacts with another schools and to learn how to organise the project.
The required documents to fill up is a task which is totally new for us so these days have been productive and necessary.
The coordinator of the project in Madrid

IES Elexalde selected to carry out Erasmus+ project with Greece

I.E.S Elexalde has been selected as one of the schools in the Basque Country to carry out a Eropean project called Erasmus + K229. The project is named "Discover and share your identity mark". It will be developed in English with the High School Katerini (Tesalonica) Greece.

Euskal Herriko ikastetxeen artean Elexalde BHI Erasmus+ K229 europear proiektua aurrera eramateko aukeratutako bat izan da. Tesalonikako (Greziako) Katerini ikastetxearekin batera ingelesez burutuko duen proiektuaren izena "Discover and share your identity mark" da.

El instituto Elexalde ha sido uno de los centros del Pais Vasco seleccionado para llevar a cabo un proyecto europeo Erasmus+ K229. El proyecto  se denomina  "Discover and share your identity mark". Se realizará en inglés con el instituto Katerini (Tesalonica) Grecia