Greek students write stories about Basque mythology

Greek students wrote some stories on Greek mythological character using story jumper platfom .

Book titled 'The moon phenomenon'Read this book made on StoryJumper

Panagiotis used Tartalo but in a story that reminds us of the adventure of Odysseus with the Cyclops Polyphemus, blending in this way the two mythologies.

Book titled '                           Tartalo'Read this book made on StoryJumper

Stories created by students of 1 DBH using mythological Greek characters . School year 2019-20

During the school year 2019-20 ,the students of 1 DBH read the book" Tales from Greek Mythology" and after reading the book, they invented stories with some characters chosen from the book.

All the stories are uploaded on the blog, section stories 

Book titled 'LOVE IS DIFFICULT'Read this book made on StoryJumper
Book titled 'Bad Luck'Read this book made on StoryJumper
Book titled 'HadeS Story'Read this book made on StoryJumper

Diaries created by students C4 mobility

Diaries of C4 mobility written by students after their exchange to Katerini ( Greece) .These are only  some of the other diaries which will be shown in a section in this blog with all of them. Students tell us  about their experience and we can learn alot about Greece culture and the project " Discover and share your identity mark"